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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 11:45 PM

-Walking along Orchard road-
T:-points to the ground-"Eh,rhian!$5 on the floor!$5!Probably Ch5 is filming somewhere, a camera is probably shooting us from afar."
R:"Ya must be, the $5 looks so nicely positioned,new & straight!"
-Con't walking while looking back-
Auntie Passerby: -appears from nowhere,picks up the $5,smiles at T-"$5!"
T: /: "Wth?!"
R: "Omg, it's just $5.Why pick up when its not yours, so not honest!"

But after we told Fong, she sort of knocked some sense into us.
Owells, Lu Bu Shi Yi :)

We watched 1/4 of Unborn.
The other 3/4 was either covered by my cardigan or my eyes were closed.
& we were whispering,commenting&swearing at the stupidity of the main actress.
We want to watch 17Again.

& as usual we went to HK Cafe.
Oh, I cut my hair!
But look the same.

Alright, Ciao.

Sigh, I'm so dead.