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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 10:19 PM

No mood.

Someone asked me today: "Are you okay there?Do you feel alone or lonely?"
T: "Nooo..I'm fine la." :)

Somehow, at that point, I really felt "Noooo."
But I kept thinking what that person said..
Did I look lonely there?
I'm really doing fine -nods-
People learn to adapt to new stuff.
It's to train oneself.

Well, probably cause:
1.Kitty is busy with her mannequin.
2.Stef is somewhere with her real Charming,studying together?
3.HK obviously blissfully united as one.

You know.. they are busy with their other stuff, so am I.
With my Yr 3 projects.
How sweet..

No mood.

I hate my hp.
I'm offending people without knowing :S