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Thursday, March 5, 2009 1:01 AM

I am leaving Singapore in less than 6 hours time.
Happy?Just a bit.
Somehow I feel I am not very prepared to go to Hong Kong.
Everything was decided so suddenly.
On Saturday morning, my Dad was only talking to me about it & I was away from home during the weekend.
My dad called once to asked if I could cancel all plans, which I forgot to do so.
When I was back home, I was confirmed of going to HK.
It's always last minute, it's a culture of my family in planning holidays.
So I always wondered why people plan their trip so early in advance.

Love person came to my house, in hope of completing the Happy pills,
but was once again taken over by Yunho's charming effect that we forgot about it.

We had Fish&Co. for lunch :) She finally ate there with

Like what Germ said, I dumped everything into my luggage in 10 mins after celebrating my auntie's birthday at Cafe Oliv.
I was going round asking what my brother & all wanted me to buy back for them.
My beloved brother gave me $$ to spend.hehe.

Now I just need to pack my hand carrier which I am lazy to start with too.
Omg, I will be in Hong Kong in 11hrs time.
Next post will be on 1st day in Hong Kong.
Yumcha is first on the list :D