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Thursday, March 5, 2009 1:59 AM

Weather: 18-24 degrees, slight drizzle.
G:"Thanks for zzz-ing me up.But as usual ... shop till you till you rot.And ogle at handsome guys.haha"
Germ who replied to my 5am msg :D

All I can say is, now I feel like I am in Singapore just that I am living the Hong Kong way.
The same: Go out,come home,go online,facebooking,blogging,sleep.
Different: Weather,people & the things I am doing here.

Tomorrow I have yum-cha marathon.
It's like gathering by yumcha-ing since my dad & I are in HK..
It's a must to go for these yumchas.

Woke up so early to catch the flight to HK this morning.
Business UA T3.

Airline food as usual, really appealing but ate a little.
It had 4 different courses, how to eat?!
But I know I should have packed them for Love Person to eat since she loves eating airplane food.
I hate it.
I rather save my stomach space for granny's cooking or authentic dimsums.hehe.
So obviously, once we arrived in HK.

We headed to granny's house for yumcha session.
I was so tired that I slept for 2hrs at granny's.
By the time, I woke up.
It was about time for dinner..
Seriously, PIG.
But what to doooooo?
I am her oldest granddaughter, she obviously stuff me with food & angbao :D
My aunty came for dinner & started talking about the old old stories about me.
Saying that when I was small, I don't like to sleep, kept watching TV till 3am.
& my dad had to stay awake with me till 3am.
Isn't it the same now? Cultivated from young.

Owells, I am in Hong Kong now :)
The holiday feel will kick in soon, i guess?


& I was suppose to post this last night before I sleep.

But my laptop crashed.argh.
Now I am on my going to go yumcha.
Its 8AM NOW.