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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 1:51 AM

Something is wrong with me.

I vomited again.
I couldn't eat.
Even my favourite macaroni breakfast.
I was forcing myself to eat it up.
I didn't eat lunch or high tea in HK?!
Sort of wasted my meals.
Dinner at a Chinese restaurant at Causeway Bay.

Only me & daddy.

I was staring at the "aquarium" in the restaurant.

My dad tried to finish everything, cause I was drinking tea & eating the vege, a bit of lobster noodles.
& the dessert?
It seems like I m puking everything that is solid, not liquid.

Oh & I went for foot massage!hehehe.
Freaking comfortable.
Shopped while vomiting along the way.
So unglam, holding a puking bag.
But its just a while, after vomiting everything that I ate, I was okay :)
I don't think any medicine can help.
Just see what happens to me tmr.