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Tuesday, March 10, 2009 12:40 AM

Not feeling well.
Vomited after my brunch, my big Wanton noodles...
when I was at Granny's house.
Granny fed me with all the things she could to make me feel better.

Once I ate the supposedly anti-puking medicine, I ran to the toilet to puke immediately.
How effective.
But after puking felt so much better.
I didn't want to waste another day, so after eating plain porridge cooked by my granny,
daddy&I went
After that, when my daddy went to have his dinner at this restaurant.
The smell made me puke again.
Came home to rest.
Going to eat medicine & sleep.

Pictures in an album that my Granny keeps.

I was laughing at how retarded my brother looked like.
He used to bully me by poking me everywhere.
But I rmb I was very sad when I was sending my brother off to Australia.
I used to cry when my mum forces me to wear smth I don't like.
This is why most of the pictures I either look blur or my eyes are red&swollen.
Some of my brother & my clothes are still at home,kept nicely.
Very cute :)