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Monday, March 9, 2009 2:16 AM

I slept alot today.
I left the house at 11plus.
No more Set A for morning breakfast.
So my dad & I went to Tao Gua Wan, the place where we use to stay, for breakfast.
I dont know how to say it in English, but the side dishes that goes with the porridge are damn nice.

Guy1:-walks in- "Table for 2 pleaseee?"
China Waitress:-stares at him,look away,do other stuff-
T:-while eating,giggles, thinking: "Who the hell speaks English to a China woman in this small porridge restaurant."-
Guy2:-walks behind Guy1-"2!"

At the background, I kept laughing at Guy 1 cause he is Chinese but he can't speak Chinese at all but overly slang English.
Guy2 tries to teach him how to say youtiao in Canto.
My dad laughed too.

Over there, my dad started telling me about the stories last time.
I was only 3 yrs old then so I don't know much.
We bought Love person's mummy's prawn

On our way to Granny's house, we saw alot of traffic police.
This is the first time I ever felt that people in uniform are so cool!
Hong Kong Policemen are so cool!& they really look good standing next to their bikes.
It was just a small accident, but 6 rode their bikes to control the traffic & 1 police car for assistance.
All these came in less than 3 mins after the accident happened.
-Thinks about Singapore's-
Takes ages for a bike to come.
I can't take my eyes off those traffic police.

When I went to my granny's house, it was so cold.
Then I fell asleep on the bed.
I was suppose to go out alone to shop while they attend the funeral.
But by the time I opened my eyes, it was 3 plus in the afternoon.
They left alr.
So I was thinking why not sleep till they come back?
& I really did, till 7pm.
I didnt dare to go out too cause I left my hp at home.
My dad won't be able to contact me.
When my dad came back, he was shock to see me sitting in front of the TV watching Cinderella.
My granny was feeling too sad that she didn't want to eat.

So me & daddy went to eat at Mongkok.
It's the King of Steaks.

My Dad's order

My Ribeyes.

I didn't take picture of the food cause it looked so appetizing & I don't want you all to drool in front of the computer.
We also ordered a side dish: Pork Neck with Green Apple.
Very nice.

After that I climbed up the slope alone, cause my dad went to stay at granny's house.
They have to be at the funeral at 8am in the morning.
So tmr, I shall meet them after my breakfast :)
Oh on my way back, my dad's bought the 3rd Chestnut Tart of the day for me.

It's another of my favourite thing in Hong Kong.
The cover had mist when I was walking home, imagine how cold it was.
Nice, I like.haha.

While my dad was telling me about the past.
I was thinking..
Probably if my parents decided to not migrate to Singapore.
Life would be much better.
I know my parents want to come back to Hong Kong to live.
It's just a matter of time, I guess.
They make me want to do the same thing.
I was thinking which district to stay in, which part of Kowloon?
How big will my house be?How to furnish it?
Will my parents stay with me or my brother?Or both?

Or probably I can't bear to leave Singapore.

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