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Sunday, March 8, 2009 3:14 AM

I actually wanted to write some classics of the day.
There were a few, funny HK-ers.
But too tired that I

2 session yumcha-rathon.Sick, no point mentioning.
H&M shopping, my aunty witnessed the normal teenager revolving into a total mad shopaholic.
Today, I think I was working towards striking off my friends' long shopping list.
After H&M, I went to search for Yunho.
Both the posters look -drools- HOT!
Checked my beloved brother's Xbox games:guitar hero,resident evil,winning 11& etc.
It was filled with people.
He is just making life difficult for me.
Bought computer mouse.
I actually bought stuff for Stef,Love person,Bf,Reuben,Kenny&Michael all in 1 day.
I still have a long list to go.

After the friendly shopping spree, we went to the supermarket to buy steamboat ingredients.
Cause of the sudden drop in degrees, everything were sort of sold out alr.
But my other aunties bought quite alot earlier, so there were enough ingredients.
So fufilling.
My dad & I didnt want to go home so early though it was alr 1030pm
So we went to the tourist-fested Temple Street for Cooling Tea/Chinese herbal Tea.
I suddenly felt like I was back in Singapore. I don't really like it.
Cause it was filled with Singaporeans & tourists.
China prostitutes too, poaching business :S
Fortune telling stalls all along the street, daddy say see only after 21 yrs old.
A short tour around then home we went.
Kept dozing off on my way home.
Amazed that I am not asleep till now.

I am not bored, but I put in effort to blog everyday.
HKG is definitely not bored, but going everywhere alone is boring.
I feel that I am just like in Singapore, I go out everyday too.
But in Singapore, I have you all around so I am never bored :)