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Friday, March 6, 2009 11:30 PM

I walked the whole day.
So tired.

Early in the morning, my dad & I went to granny's house.
Finally not yumcha-ing for breakfast.
I ate at the authentic HK cafe, the usual Set A,B&C.hehe.
My favourite Marconi with Ham&Egg, & a cup of stocking milk tea.
Omg, my teeth!bleeding now..
Followed my granny to the wet market.
It's really wet.
Not just the wet floor cause of the pouring rain, but also the live fishes that kept jumping from netting to netting, & down to the floor.
& cause my granny is staying in a senior citizen populated district, the place is filled with grannies& grandpas.
Everything moves slower than outside, & i have to be careful to not bang onto anyone of them.
Their bones will shatter, haha. Not that bad la, exaggerating only.
Even the vendors at the wet market tries very hard to earn their money ,they greet all elderly good morning & chit chat with them abit, hoping to poach some business.
I was laughing to myself when I saw this scene.

Popo:-standing at the fish stall, buying fish-
Fish vendor: -smiles- "This part,very good, cheap & healthy diet."
Pork vendor:-opposite the fish vendor,shouts over to the Popo- " Popo, you on diet ah! you so skinny alr, don't need to diet, come buy some pork!"

Btw, today kept raining, on & off. Argh.
After that, daddy,aunty& I went to Shenzhen.
Wet,wet,wet & makes me so grossed out.
Shopped abit.
Aiya, I don't know what to say about Shenzhen.
The toilet scared me, there was no hinge to stop the door from opening.
Making me feel so paranoid, thinking what if some freaking China auntie push the door wide open when I am half- way relieving myself.
I couldn't even pee properly.
We went to Shenzhen to yumcha too, so sick of it.
Tomorrow again I have 2 yumcha sessions.

Oh please, spare me from those teas!

I love Germaine for being so bored.
Her comments are so cute :D

Sorry! No pictures. Notorious robbing stories in Shenzhen scares me, I can't bear to lose any of my precious electronic appliances :3

P.S. I think I am nothing to you.