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Thursday, March 5, 2009 8:51 PM

Weather:15-18 degrees.Yellow rain warning= Heavy rain.
As I always say: Heavy rain ruins plans.

At the MTR while talking to my dad & listening to the conversation next to me from the corner of my eyes.
(english words in italics)
HK Boy Student : "After means after, Before means before, during means during."
HK Girl Student: - repeats the english words after him, looks at him with idolising eyes-"You are so smart, Kin Tung!"
T: thinking -omg, you are freaking in secondary school alr, shouldn't you know all these?-
-Dad's phone rings-
D: "Kor Kor,wants to talk to you."
T:"Wai Kor Kor, what do you want?Huh?!You want me to buy video games for you.I know you want me to check the price BEFORE I buy it right.But what if AFTER that I found a better price?Ohhh so I check the price with you DURING my electronic shopping spree which will be next week okay!"
HK Girl&Boy Student: - LOOKS,STARES - :O

I didn't mean it, but these words just formed in the process of the conversation with my dear brother.Not trying to be condescending.
But it's my brother&I childhood pastime.hehe.

Today I am back home so early cause I had a freaking YUMCHA-RATHON.
I had 4 different yumcha sessions with different uncles & aunties.
Starting from the 9am session.
I went to the place alone.
Then I was complaining to myself "Why must I stay on a freaking hill?"
Walking down is fine, but walking up.Argh.
& the condo bus comes hourly, our timing nvr matches.
Taking public transportation is better.

My dad went for 5 sessions today, he left home at 7am to meet his friend to yumcha.
The transportation system here is freaking gd.
I didnt even wait for the mini bus,mtr,changing of stops also don't need to wait & bus.
-Thumbs up-

Art pieces at my granny's house mtr

I am so sick of dimsums.
I sat there for straight 5 hrs, in between to toilets, cause I drank too much tea.LOL.
& it's raining like mad.
I only went to Fa Yuen Gai to see see, can't even shop.
How to shop with an umbrella? Not nice.
My dad bought snacks instead.
DOUBLE SKIN MILK!(direct translation) it's a favourite!

We went to shop at the shopping malls, bought something for Clara.

Then me & daddy "ran" home.

Rain spoils everything.

Tomorrow going to Shenzhen, though I hate it so much :/