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Saturday, March 14, 2009 1:44 AM

D:"They know thaddea is leaving soon, thats why the temperature dropped so much suddenly, know she likes cold weather.hahaha."
A:"Ya, whenever she comes and leaves HK, the weather will be so cold."

If that's the case, they should invite me to fly in & out of north pole so that the ice won't melt & cause floods.

So stupid.
Just when I say its turning warm, it dropped from 23degrees to 13degress.

We had a early birthday party.
The whole table was filled with my favourite food.
The cake was filled with chestnut :D
Strawberries that were almost as big as an apple.

I feel like I was eating back whatever I did not eat when I didn't have the appetite.
All of my favourite food in HK are actually food that I was always fed/bought by my Granny for me when I was younger.
Mochi Ice cream!
Brain freeze when I took my first bite :)

In the afternoon, when my dad was preparing dinner with my aunty...
I went shopping alone at Mongkok.
I could instantly spot Singaporeans from the locals.
I am going back to Singapore soon, to face reality.

Yup, I bought another red specs.
I can't stand it anymore.

I have to be happy again.