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Thursday, February 12, 2009 10:37 PM

T:"Hellooo!" -smile smile-
D:"Hellooo!" -smile smile-
T:-Omg,so weird- :S

Seriously, just for the love of Reuben Ho.
I actually went down to Sugarloaf,
when love person overslept, she thought of not coming down to TP alr.
when bf also didn't felt like going down to Sugarloaf cause it was so late & he wasn't feeling well.
& actually when I had no appetite to eat at all.
But owells, I sort of persuaded them & myself.
Stupid Reuben Ho, bleh!

Love person cabbed down to pick me up then went to TP.
While waiting for Bf at the side of TCA, trying to catch Mr Reuben Ho's attention at Skills Kitchen.
I saw Mosses Lim? Weird?
I saw Modern Penpal. Freaking weird? Like wtf?
Somehow we knew it would be like that, the weirdness & awkwardness.
It was so long since the last time I saw him, like ages?
See!we should remain as modern penpals.

When we went in to Sugarloaf, food seems depleted, from what we saw.
So we left feeling disappointed.
Reuben, on the other hand called to said there were more food coming out later then.
But so sorry, we didn't see that coming :P

We made our way to Bistro Walk.
Poor bf was not feeling well.
Love person & I sort of lose our appetite.
Bf being a very good bf, tried to restore it by ordering ice cream waffles :D

Thereafter, tutorial!
Felt rather disappointed once again.
Forget it.

Love person & I then bus-ed down to Cine for HK Cafe!
Whoots!We are members of the HK
I mean seeing how frequent we went, its really worth it.
Watched "Benjamin Buttons".
So embarrassing, I cried.
It's a sad movie but really nice.

Now, it's time to study!
I need to find back that motivation that I had for Socio.
I guess I will be Sugarloafing tmr, since its the last day.
& I'm deprived of Sugarloaf.
I want my desserts!


P.S. I forgot what I wanted to p.s,next time then.