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Friday, February 13, 2009 11:59 PM

R: Reuben Ho!You asshole!
R: Whatever la, your head is your vagina, then you having your period that's why your hair is red now!
T & H: -non stop laughing, in fits-

I couldn't stop laughing at love person & reuben the whole day.
They are seriously my entertainment.
Love person is the blur shit.
Reuben is the gross shit.
But owells, love them so much :D

Sugarloaf lunch.
Reuben & love person were really hungry.
I wasn't in the mood to eat actually.
Somehow, the things I like weren't there.
So, they bought whatever our friends cooked,baked or made.
Bf came to join us a bit later :)
& I think I lost the rose that he gave me.die.

Rushed to the computer lab to finish up some of their work.
Then Bf being a very hardworking student went off to study.
While others cabbed down for the job interview.
I don't feel like working.
After that, they came over to my house to play Guitar Hero.

R:"I'm very good in this, I learnt how to play the guitar last time."
T:"Okayyy" /:
R:"Hur hur hur!"
R:"Eh, why the guitar have 5 keys, I only have 4 fingers to play.How to play?"

Guitar attack!
Shaver counterattack!

Had loads of fun.
Couldn't stop laughing, cause it was so entertaining.
We were suppose to study.
Obviously we didn't & went for dinner with love person's family at Pasir Ris Park.
The atmosphere; really nice.
Drank quite a bit.
I think it's Reuben's first time seeing my face so red, thinking I was going to faint off.
But the colour of my face is not an indication of drunkenness.
In fact, I am total conscious.
I realised I just put my studies at stake.
Hope I can study, I think I can.
I am so awake after drinking Chinese Herbal Medicine.

I said the most vulgarities yesterday & today.Wonder why.haha.
Bad things happened prob cause its Friday the 13th.

P.S. I knew it would become like that, so why continue?Tired.