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Wednesday, February 4, 2009 7:25 PM

T: "Hello nicky.
I am still doing Socio.Argh.
Club presentation is very do-able, so don't worry :)
I agree with the reason why we love Thursdays so much.

& you haven't given me a chance to fill you in..
You also don't update me too -pout-

You're really something ah.

More busy than me yo.TSK" :) ♥♥♥

Almost screwed myself up cause my new handphone's alarm clock
It only vibrates once, & that's your wake up call.
I fell into coma without knowing.
By the time, I woke up..
I freaked out.
Cause it was 5am~
I wasn't done preparing for my presentation.
& I didn't finish my Sociology & study Culture.

But owells, at least everything went well today.
Flew back to TP for Sociology presentation rehearsal.
While having meeting, I met up with Germs :)
I didn't even get to catch up with her.argh.
Just kept talking about projects,project deadlines & how to help her with more projects!

So draining.