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Thursday, February 26, 2009 10:30 PM

Laze around & enjoy the weather while listening to Khalil Fong's songs :D
This is what you do when it's raining cats&dogs, & it disrupt all your outing plans.
But nvm, since I have such a long long long holiday!

I have a list of things to do.
1. I need to pack my room.totally.
It's like a war in here.

2.I need to send my Acer laptop for repair.
This sucky laptop I am typing on now is going to breakdown on me really soon.
It sent me signs this morning!
It started scrolling white digits or statistics when I switched it on.
I am so going to throw this back to Acer tomorrow.

3.I need to plan outings!
Start confirming dates,people& the itinerary :S
Charge camera!Yay!

& I am missing Germaine Gan Shu Min!
She's MIA-ing.
I long long long time never catch up with her.
I want to go shopping :(
Nicky, must get well soon then we can go out :)

& I am actually quite prepared to go Hong Kong anytime now.
Omg, I'm feeling so hyped up & happy now :DDDD

I am too lazy to make happy pills :P