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Thursday, February 19, 2009 9:10 PM

G:"I know you did something on Pets Society, tell me the cheat codes!"
T:"I don't knowwwww. I didn't do anything.heh-heh"
G:"Ya right, suddenly you,stef & rhian all right in front. The most obvious person is you-know-who?!"
T:"hahaha, I know. Reuben right!lol."
G:"Ya la, so obvious that he cheated. From so far until right in front.tsk!"

I want to study.
But obviously today is another wasted day.

I'm always near some product of the modern advance technology.
Such as laptops,desktops,internet,facebook,handphones,telephone,television & Xbox;GuitarHero!

First was handphone.
FB's PS, totally addicted till I got back my Poos :)
& I did :)
I found a new fashion website, kept looking at clothes & more clothes.
Telephone & more telephone again.
Play GuitarHero, play play play.
Now blog, while on msn.
Qian says:
hahha come out now eh we study tgt
hahaha you come nearer la my house mac 24hour then can study till late late
thaddea; says:
Qian says:
then you can camp at my house
thaddea; says:

Not working.
I don't feel like studying.
& I am tired again.
Going to fall asleep soon.

I went to meet love person for HK Cafe cause she misses the yinyang there.
So suppose to study.
But she ended up coming back to my house cause of some "bird" that is stalking/pestering her.
Wonder how long will the "bird" stay at the park.
I am suppose to study but we were obviously too occupied with these advance technologies.
With her around, there's PSP too!
I am trying to get through this level 5 DJ Max song.
I am once again very determined to get through that, but she insist that I study, so she stole it back.

People, please motivate me to study.
Say something to me or force me to wake up early to go somewhere away from these advance tech things to study.

& anyway, today my aunty made strawberry & soyabean milkshake.
Its the grossest drink ever :3
Its sour & not sweet, but supposedly contains very low calorie.
Duh right!
Must be cause it's spoils your whole appetite.

I must finish studying Accounting by tonight :)