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Saturday, February 28, 2009 1:35 AM


she thinks she is "Jackie Chan's wife."

Type tomorrow, I want to sleep alr.

B:"Do you know how hurtful & sad is it to see someone you love smoke & kill herself/himself slowly? & you can't do anything but just see her/him light it up."
T:"I didn't!"- swear-

I was too tired to blog yesterday.
We walked alot.haha.
All over.
From Suntec Convention Hall to Raffles Place Starbucks.

Me & Kitty were suppose to meet to make the happy pills.
But very lazy, not enough love for the person to complete
Instead we kept snacking from Wheellock@Big O to Takashimaya
We were suppose to shop.
At Big O; Pineapple cake& ice cream.
The ice cream had a very strong liquor smell & taste.
At Taka basment, Takopachi~! & Macarons.
Cheap cheap but very nice!

Stef abandoned her big trading business on Pet's Society Forum & came to meet us.
But obviously with a laptop around, we went onto Facebook again.
I should have videoed her gleeing look when her mum called to tell her they increased to 9 rooms in Pet's Society.
Love person was drooling over Jaejoong :3
She's totally gone, she kept emphasizing:
"Omg, look at his glistening chest!"
Timbre was full house so we went to see our dear Kenny :)
Kenny was pulled into looking at Jaejoong, together with us, that we neglected Stef&

It was so windy there.Breezey :)
Chit-chatted abit.Home :)

I am suppose to be on the Legend of the Seas now.
No energy.
I need to go spa & recuperate like in Sorority Life.omg