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Monday, February 9, 2009 1:58 AM

T:"Kor kor, I show you rhian's pet's society house!It's damn nice!"
J:"Haha, you jealous right."
T:"Nooo, why would I, I just started to play again.I show you my house now~!" :)
J:" LOLLOLLOLLOL!you going towards Zen decor is it?! Your house is so empty la, hahaha, your tv is on the floor!Your pet is so pathetic!"
T: :S

Tears soaked my pillow.
I woke up with the streaks stained on my cheeks.
In my dream, I witnessed the death of my grandmother.
I sat up & felt relieved that it was just a dream.

Walking soullessly around my house, I forgot the time to meet Germ.
But in the end, I was still early.
I then recieved news that 1 of my secondary schoolmate passed away.
Realising how vulnerable and how death can just come on you suddenly.

G:"Why you like so moody?"
T:"Nooo, I'm not.I m probably tired la."

Germ & I were at City Hall's Soup Spoon.
Once again, fufilling my soup cravings that I had for the whole week.
Clam chowder was alright.So-so.
Chit-chatted,catching up here & there :)

Flew back home for dinner.
I was so busy preparing for dinner too.
I didn't know so many people were coming.
While we were having our sumptous dinner, an overseas phonecall came looking for my dad.
He left the table for the serious conversation.
The atmosphere changed after he came back.
I somehow felt something was wrong, but didn't asked in front of all the guests.
After sending off the guests, curious, I asked.
One of my grandmother's relative passed away.
My dad is going to be taking up the role of the oldest son to pay respect to her.
He will have to fly back to HK for the ceremony.

People just come & go out of your life.
You can't stop them neither can you hold them.
I wonder will everything remain as it is now?
On the surface, everyone looks very amiable.
But it's so fragile like everything is going to break up as soon as something happens.
Can't we just put all this drama aside and treasure whatever we have with us?