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Monday, February 23, 2009 1:32 AM

S:"Nate, will you marry me?" -smile-
T:"haha, so random!"
N: -Blinks-"Erm,no?" -Smiles,walks away with the cake-

I am very full now till I feel like puking.
Today is Club Resort Spa day!
Nate came to get me out of my house to study.
Yay! :3
Nate & I went to collect a cake that he ordered from Stef's workplace.
I was wondering why did he suddenly buy a cake, he didn't want to tell me?!
Then, I went to study while he was doing " I don't know what"? lol
We found the most conducive place to study ever :D
Actually, he did.
Again, HK Cafe for dinner.
The dimsums are nicer than the ones at Cine.
I am so full :S
Stef joined us for supper :)
Stef seriously is so cute!
The things she thinks about are so interesting. ♥ her!

When I am back home, Nate's cake was actually for me.
Don't know what to say :S

& the bird is so persistent.
He came to talk to me on msn about my beloved Love person.
I seriously can't stand him preaching.
& Stef was really interested in this form of entertainment.
She was added into the conversation.
So sarcasm was all over.
He blocked me.
But started pestering Love person again.
Everything just ended with this:

B: "You too, have a good life. Continue to mislead guys and tell them you're sorry the next day."
R: "I will, and next time i'll be careful to pick a guy who's 180cm tall, 180IQ smart, and doesn't have BO."

Yup evil, but he finally got it :D
It's over.
It goes to show how important your girlfriends are & how my friends get things done!
I love them :)

P.S. Seriously,I should have had ended it.
Truth be told, I was lying.