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Thursday, February 26, 2009 1:13 AM

R:"Omg, who is it singing this part?!So nice! Shit, its another guy alr. You listen & tell me who is that." -Press replay button-
T:"Ohhhk, later its actually my husband singing, I laugh." -smiles smiles-
R:-listening then suddenly pass the headphones to me- "Who is this?!"
T:" AHHH, MY MICKY!MUAHAHAHA.Yea!He's good!" -sniggers, walk away-
R:"Oh whatever.. "

I successfully brainwashed love person.
& most importantly, she said my husband can sing!
It's been so long since I last checked on news of Micky.
Cause my interest for them actually died down long long ago.
& there's this influx of their fans suddenly :/
But since love person was brainwashed suddenly, it has revived a bit of my interest for them?
Just a bit.

Nate called after the club paper & said that he is at the airport alr :(
So he went back to study without letting me sending him off.
I'll miss him so much :(

My mum came to pick me up & we went to the Laguna Golf Club, how ironic.
I was so shagged, & wanted to sleep.
But went to town for yingyong with love person :3

The egg tart there sucks!
The yellow custard is coming out of the "skin"/pastry, like separated on its own.
I kept complaining while poking the egg tart & eventually destroyed it by pulling it apart.
I am starting to regret joining the member of the hk cafe at Cine.
I think the one near my house is better!
The egg tart was so so so so so much nicer & authentic.
& there are more authentic hong kong food.

We have no
So we went to walk around the quiet & almost soul-less town.
From Cine,Heeren then all the way to PS.
Cause all the shops were closed.
We can't shop.
Can't do anything since we opted not to drink.

Talking about HK & shopping.
I shall start writing down my shopping list & schedule bintan trip outings soon!
Cause I might be going to HK in March!