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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 4:03 AM

To my dear friends: "Sorry for MIA-ing for the past 3 days!"

My hp was always next to my bed.
But I was either really in coma that I couldn't hear or I was too dead to get my hp.
My temperature was fluctuating between 38 to 40 degrees celsius.
Icepacks all around my pillow.
Bad headache.
The only time I got up, was to eat;to have my medicine.
For the first time, I fainted.
Finally know how it feels like.
Everything swirls, some grey & white spots & then darkness.

I am feeling much better now, after having my 3rd cold bath of the day/night?
I can't really tell the time.
I was shivering like mad & turned purple
Puke,puked & puked more.
Temperature is down to 37 degrees celsius now :)

The first thing I did just now was to call my beloved ♥ Bf :) Nicky & Love person to tell them that I am still alive.
Updated me abit here & there, info overload but it made me feel alive.
I am too alive & high to sleep now.

Cause "My Pet's house is so niceeeee! Omg, go see my beautiful bedroom!" :)
Thank you Nate for all the things :D
I lub euu~!

My favorite corner.

& I just realised, my top 2 Pet owners are both Esther :D
How cute!
I am damn high now, must be the drugs medicine .lol
Study accounting!