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Thursday, February 5, 2009 11:34 PM

N: "Can the car just bang me down now!"
T: "They won't, cause you're on the zebra crossing."

I just came back home from TP.
So tired -yawns-
Long day.
After the culture test, I had to prepare for Socio presentation.
Talking about Socio reminds me of the glitch again.sigh.
I must get full marks for this Saturday's test.
Nicky had to copy notes from Ming's holy textbook.
So waited for her to finish.
While waiting, ah Germ came to get back her markers from like last week.
Finally got to catch up with her just a little bit more.

On my way home, I didnt feel well at all.
I still feel like puking now.
Experiencing pain at the right hand side of my abdomen for the 6th consecutive night.
Amazingly, it only happens at night!
Probably I haven't really sleeping.
It's more like napping through the days & nights.
Irregular sleeping time, just to wake up to study.
Luckily Nate woke me up at 2am to continue studying, or else I would had slept till 10am.
I will be so dead if i did so.

I miss my bed.
I have been dozing off sleeping on my tatami since last week.

I'm Minnie Mouse.
Omg random.

Handphone sucks, nicer pictures with Germs :)