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Friday, February 20, 2009 10:48 PM

R:"The bird is still alive.hahahaha."
T:"Lol, how you know?he flew past your house?haha."
R:"He was still messaging me.So pathetic."
Awww so :3
But ya, so much for committing suicide.

A more productive day in comparison to yesterday.
Probably cause I didn't have the whole day to play? So it feels like its more productive.
I went out for lunch@Hard Rock Cafe with my family.
The people working there have lots of attitude.

He look so different in Guitar

Then we strolled to Uncle's house@Claymore.
Almost spent half the day out.
I did skim through notes while I was at the house. But obviously going to be forgotten
The rest of the time, temptations surrounds me.

But when Sarah called, I felt the need to study.
See good influence :D lol.
So studied awhile more, then Love person reminded me of Goong-Princess Hours.
I was enticed to switch on the tv to watch it.
Then I was stuck to the screen till now.
Just a change of screen size, from tv to laptop & handphone.sigh.
How am I suppose to finish studying Accounting today?!
I heard CRS is worse.
Fucking dead.