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Tuesday, January 6, 2009 10:07 PM

Weather: Sunny.

T: - happily eating-
N: "What're you eating? You cannot eat meat."
T: " Yea this is not meat :) " 
N: "Oh,okay."
T: "Shit, I forgot, I ate char siew pao just now."

I am going to be a vegetarian till Sunday.
So please don't tempt me by eating meat in front of me.
But even if you do, probably I wont really waiver cause I overcame 2 temptations smoothly:
1. Sarah ate Western right in front of me.
2. My mum made salmon and other types of meat -Argh-

Probably I ate alot of seafood and meat yesterday ..
Knowing that I will be a vegetarian starting from
Yesterday at Vivo City.
There's something really interesting- The National Geographic shop.
But the pictures are with Stef.
I will upload it when she sends it to me.
The place is the bomb :3
Love the interior,exterior,theme and the way they actually display their items.

Today I had project from 9am to 8pm?
My brain isn't really processing now.
& I can't be bothered even if Rhian loves Gackt & that he is hot.
Pardon my 1 word replies.

Don't talk to me online.
I don't feel like answering any phonecalls.