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Wednesday, January 21, 2009 7:12 PM

S: " The only thing keeping my sanity together now is my job."
T: -nods,smiles-

I never told her, but actually my friends are the ones who are keeping me together.
True friends :)

Today, I suddenly felt like
"hey,its 2009!"
Though as quoted from Stef, our future might be bleak?
But who cares?!
Let's just live life to our fullest now :D
Trying to challenge yourself to do things that you never did before.
Like staying up all night just to complete something that will affect your future?

Another reason is probably cause I m feeling contented with everything.
Seems like whatever that I have been burdening myself from 2008, has been lifted up, today.
I finally understood and see the "light" in some issues.
Someone just made my life easier.Like just only..I saw
I made up my mind with that act of his.
Hope he don't appear anymore, anywhere.
Thanks, just when I felt uncertain about all these :)

I am contented with the friends I have now, today.

S: "Are you sure?"
T: "Yup, I always wanted to reach this level, I am really contented with just like that now."
S: "But I think its just the beginning, we are going to help you."-smirk-
T: "No la, I am happy now.Really."

But actually if it's really just the beginning...
-glee,smiling from ear to ear-
I don't mind.