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Friday, January 2, 2009 11:56 PM

Weather: Mixed of all the different types: rain,sun & cloud

J: " Good afternoon, this is Jason from Sentosa, how can I help you?" - professional tone-
T: "Oh, hi Jason, I would like to ask how big is your carpark at Imbiah station, is it big enough to accommodate 3000 people?"- professional tone-
J: " I am not too sure, but we have blah blah blah"- professional tone-
T: "Okay, is it possible to hold a party there?" - professional tone-
J: " May I know what type of party? What company are you from?" - eager tone-
T: " Oh, theme party." - professional tone-
J : " What company are you from?"- suspicious tone-
T: "hehehe, actually we are doing a school project soooo,hehe,yea." -kiddy tone-
J: " Oh okay sorry I am not too sure about that" -cant be bothered tone-
T: - ARGH- "okay, thank you."

Needed more info & decided to call our company "CSIT".
- Calls again-
Thinking "Please don't let Jason answer the phone"

J: " Good afternoon, this is Jason from Sentosa, how can I help you?" - professional tone-

Projects,projects and more projects.
Never ending;busy;no time to sleep.
But I am still awake & "energetic", all thanks to SHARK (Redbull's rival) from bf & stef.
Drank like 6 cans in 2 days, not good for health :S

New Year, I dont feel it.
Just felt like crying when I saw the fireworks.
Cause it's 2009 & time is passing so quickly.

Forget about what happened the past few days, it sucks.

Today, after another intensive meeting for my beloved screwed up festival project,
I went to Wisma for Nicky's not so favourite- Xiao Long Bao.
Well, Nicky says Crystal Jade is better.
But Germ decided on Dim Tai Fung :/
Tired yet dying to go out to have a feel of 2009.
We did something that its very for the future: Our future Kid's clothing.

Nicky's Hawaii feel :)

Teddy's son's berms is the bomb :3

Germ's matching blue son&daughter.

Germ's Not very matching brother&sister?

Teddy's checkers brother&sister.

Nicky's cute outfit.


@Zara 's male.

Look closely for the error.

Germ's present from Japan.
Thank you :)