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Friday, January 23, 2009 6:30 PM

As my parents were driving me to school this morning, they were listening to Gold 90.5FM.
My daddy's favourite old song was playing loudly in the car.
An upbeat song.
My dad was singing along, while swaying from side to side.
Trying to make me laugh at his act, like how he would tease me to make me laugh when I was a kid.
My mum joined in at the chorus, making me giggle only a bit.

There I was sitting,looking from the back.
Thinking how cute can they be..
But I realised they really aged, from the time when I was still a kid, 18 years.
I started tearing at the backseat.

I was thinking how long more will/can this scene replay in future?
For another 20years?
Actually even lesser.

Our car stopped at a traffic light.
I quickly wiped away with my hands.
My dad turned around and looked at me.
D: " Why your eyes so red? are you crying?"
T:" No la, I just yawned & daddy I was laughing at you till I m tearing la."
Tears kept forming as I spoke.
M: "She do until so late yesterday night, obviously sleepy la."
-passes me a tissue-

I don't really know why.
Probably,I didn't slept enough?
Or probably I am de-stressing?
Or probably I was crying over something/someone that I will lose or will lose soon.

Teddy, stop crying.

My hp is officially a goner.
Probably its good that its gone.
Just call my house will do :/