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Friday, January 9, 2009 8:42 PM

S: "SHIRUI!TODAY THERE'S DUCK CONFIT !" - steal glances at teddy-
S: "haha,ya, why you suddenly shout so loud?lol" - while smiling at teddy-
S: "The duck confit very nice to eat right?"- nods-
T: "I cannot eat!I am VEGETARIAN!"._.
S: "Nvm la, you just make up for it la, you also didn't say eat for consecutive 5 days."
T: "Cannot!& I ate at Top Table the other time alr" - shakes head-
S: " It's different over here, right Shirui?"
S: -nods-

An hour later, inside RITS
S: "Nicky outside.."
T: "Eh!" -waves :D -
N: -points at me-
T:"Huh?" -? face-
N:-points at the seafood bouillabaisse-
T:"Oh,hehe.." - points at group members-

Peer Pressure :)

You must be wondering why go to RITZ and break my chain of vegetarian meals cause of seafood bouillabaisse when the initial intention of going there was for
We got cheated, at first the host told us there's enough Duck Confit for 4 pax.
Then when we ordered, left 2.
She came back to us, left 1.
So we decided to share the duck, while we ordered 3 seafood bouillabaisse :/

Shant comment much, but
Top Table is better in all aspects.
Hands down :)

After that, suppose to go out with family & HK stranger, but then cancelled.
So wanted to go out with Nicky to fully utilise this meaty day.
But family outing was on again :(
Cant go out with Nicky.

I was so bored waiting for them to get ready that I was taking pictures of my house.
First was with my camera,

then I took my brother's DSLR :D

Can see the obvious difference?