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Saturday, January 17, 2009 11:54 PM

Let's start reciting the events that happened after my previous post.
First, I screwed up the individual, which cause great dislike towards my brother now.
But love mr png,bf & nicky more :)
Mr png is the nicest teacher ever.
Ok,forget about that report.

After handing in the paper, I went out with my family.
I owned michael 3 times in car- racing, but lost to him in basketball by 2points ._.

Towning with nicky,stef & kitty after that.
All except kitty is feeling all happy at the moment.
The other 3 poor poly students are struggling & dying.
The 3 of us were so tired,stoning,stressed.
We met for the sake of meeting & getting things out of our mind.
Even though we were so tired, we just wanted to get out
& get some air?

I was tired,& slept real early, till 4pm this afternoon.
I didnt really sleep for so long.
On & off, I was still lying on my bed :)
I felt so happy & contented.
Cause this was the moment I have been longing for.
The warm,fuzzy& contented moment :)

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