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Sunday, January 11, 2009 1:24 AM

T: "Omg, I'm crying over advertisements!"

Thai commercials are really captivating.
The funny ones are really hilarious.
The Thai Insurance company's CM is so sad.
Especially when it comes in a series!
I watched these videos yesterday night,
& teared quite abit.
When I watch a few others this afternoon, I didn't cry.
Prob people tend to cry at night.
So I post it now, to make you cry.
If you don't want to cry, dont watch.

If you want a laugh:

I slept till I am :D
Finished reading my storybook.
Watch dramas (after a long long long long time)
Stoned all I wanted though things are piling as I am typing away.
I was researching on my favourite Korea though.
& I end up researching on things/topics that are unrelated to my Korea culture project :P
I am stuck, cant really link things up.
Owells, I think it's time to find my korean fanatic chingu in my class.
She's going to help me, i hope?

& my vegetarian stint, as what germ claims it as, is over.
Peer pressure once again made me eat meat again.
I give up.

Sigh,my life.

I' m so dead anyway.