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Friday, January 30, 2009 11:08 PM

S:"Omg, look at them la, all of them look so dead."
T: ._.
B: -blank look-
R: -sian look-
R:"Ya,why all the TP students look so stressed?"
T:"Cause we are.haha. All 3 of us have unfinished reflection paper!"
S:" See, that's why Ben you should come to NP cause you'll look like me!"
-high tone at the last part-

I was suppose to blog about this yesterday.
But I was rushing for my reflection paper instead.
I was out with my ♥♥♥♥ yesterday night
After a long day at school,presentation & presentations,a mini birthday celebration for Peini :D


Ashtons@Grand Cathay

Rushed home, aimed to sleep at 3am.
Obviously didn't.
But owells, I actually don't care much even if I had slept enough,
cause I am happy that I was out with them :)
I am gleeing from ear to ear even if when I was dead beat.

I participated in Mad's Sentosa Flower Festival Tour Part 2.
I was suppose to go for Part 1 but after I handed in the paper,
my dear mummy & dadi! brought me out for breakfast.
I was eating for the sake of moving my jaws I think.
Just to let them see that their daughter is having breakfast with them after so long.
I was too tired to eat.
Even when I was on my way home, I kept snoozing off on the bus.
Totally unglam.

Suppose to go watch movie with Nicky first -canceled
While meet Germ in town -canceled
Meet Bf after that -canceled

Cause I was lying on my tatami sleeping,tired la -pout-

& what to do when you have 2 gatherings just 1hr apart?