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Sunday, January 25, 2009 11:35 PM

Last minute shopping with love person was really fast.
We were so tired at the very start.

HK cafe seems to be our new hangout place.
We go there so often till the manager recognizes us.
That place brings memories back to our secondary school days,
cause of someone.
Someone most unexpected from the both of us...
If you didn't know us very very well when we were in secondary school,
you wouldn't even guess its going to be him.

Well, its actually Jay Chou.
All his songs were playing in the restaurant.
Starting from his very 1st album which kitty is very familiar with,surprised?
We started chatting about the time when we were totally head over heels over Jay Chou.
Every song was so familiar to us.

-drum drum drum drum-
T:erm,erh!shit, him in that blue kungfu thing.
R: -slience,stone, thinking " I know, think of chinese words." chant some chinese character-
T:龍拳! -smirk- heh-heh-heh. You are winning me by 2 still.
R: Next song!

-Next song: door opening sound,bell ringing-

R:半島鐵盒 -glee- 走廊燈關,上書包放,blah blah 望,回想剛買的書,lalala 半島鐵盒!
T: omg! rhian!
R: 5 right.hehe.
i cut & pasted the chinese characters.hehe

We were hardcore Jay Chou fan.

The 2 of us..
mood swinging all over the map.

Owells, gong-xi-fa-cai!
Its Chinese New Year soon :)

It's not good to cry on Chinese New Year's eve.