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Wednesday, January 14, 2009 4:40 PM

-Looks at the clock, 2mins left-
P:"Now I will hand the time over to Thaddea"
T: "Thank you Peini. As the Logistics & Operation manager.." -fast pace-
- Less than 2 mins-
L: "You're reaching your 20mins."
-rattle rattle-
S&P: "Omg, you were speaking so fast la."
T:"Ya, I dont even know what i was"-breathe-

My Festival tutor was falling asleep when it was our turn to present.
He wanted to doze off from the very start of the presentation.
I was staring at him.
Poor him la, he was sitting there listening to presentations since 830 & more after our class.
He had no break.
Cause everything was overtime.
Who ask him to ask the teams before us so many
When it was our turn, it was alr 1120.
We were totally late for our 11am tutorial.
Later,we went for tutorial anyway.

Sarah wanted to go back to TP for Sugarloaf.
But I would rather go tmr.
So her cute mummy drove us to eat feifei wanton mee :)

I cant stay at home to do my project.
Chocolates,omg, go away.

& my eyes are in slits.
I want to sleep.

Give me a Friday now.

I'm suppose to sound happier today.
Do I?