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Thursday, January 8, 2009 10:03 PM

Weather: Fine

"A song dedication: You&Me by Lifehouse"
"For an old friend I met today :)

Acid Bar yesterday night, to de-stress.
& to meet love person, we waited long for love person to appear
Stef was tempting me with Chicken wings.
She sort of forgot, & asked me if i wanted.
Obviously -shakes head- "Vegetarian!"
Actually there's a lot of nice vegetarian food around.
But really difficult to sustain being a vegetarian for the whole day.
Especially if your family dont really support you, then the meat will just fly into your bowl.

& my wisdom tooth is growing out, 1 side of my face is swelling :(

& I am so happy yesterday,sort of?
I think I will be happier tonight.
Cause, I can finally sleep at a time that I want to sleep at.
& not sleep cause I dozed off infront of my laptop or on my sofa

Thanks for letting me sleep :)

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