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Wednesday, January 28, 2009 5:40 PM

S: "You will never see me wear like this ever again."
T: "Ya, you look like you are going to be a horse jockey" -nods- "cool you know" :/
S: -gives me that look-
T: -hee look-

I woke up so early for a friend.
Luckily, I didn't cab down to Tampines for the friend.
Cause I was earlier,hehe.
In the end, I only caught a glimpse & I got to go for meeting.
But owells,never mind, more chances to come :)

Just as I stepped in to the TP library.
Stress, I feel it
Meeting ended early, but not as early as I wanted it to be.
So all plans were cancelled so went home instead.
I ate the kit-kat mint chocolate that we bought in Australia.
No dinner.

& 3rd day, lazy to go for visiting.
More visiting later in the week :)

I m aiming to finish everything I am suppose to do,by today.
I feel so motivated cause after that glitch from Socio, I feel the need to finish everything early.
Like ASAP.
Don't procrastinate so much?

P.S I feel that I am there already :)