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Tuesday, January 27, 2009 10:40 PM

T: -smile smile smile - 恭喜發財 -smile smile smile -
J: My smile is stucked there.
T:Mine cramped there alr :DDD

My family always start bai nian-ing very late.
We only got out of our house at 2 plus & reach no. smth uncle's house at 3 for brunch?
When they saw me, they were wondering why is my hair
But after cutting my hair, its not ghostly long anymore :)
Collected some red packets, then we had to go back home, to prepare for my other relatives to come.

This is a traditional dish/delicacy in HK.
Its called peng cai.
It suppose to be served in a basin?
There are layers & layers of food.
Prepared by my dearest Daddy!

Looks small, but it can serve up to 25 people.
& there are still leftovers.

I lost 10% of Sociology :(
Hope tomorrow morning, I'll be happier at the sight of my friend :D