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Tuesday, January 27, 2009 8:40 AM

T: 嬤嬤! 祝你恭喜發財.心想事成.萬事如意.如意吉祥.龍馬精神.青春常駐.身體健康.財源廣進.步步高昇.大吉大利.笑口常開.牛年行大運.独占熬头!
M: HAHAHA.祝你學業進步.身體健康.

I took so long just to find these Chinese characters above, cause I can never type Chinese.
Especially 嬤嬤.
I was saying these to my grandmother in HK through the phone.
I always say a chain of words to her.
& she will laugh cause its like never-ending.
& the last 4 words is an inside joke so she would laugh even more :)

I went to 3 places on the 1st day.

Everyone say I look like Snow White cause of my clothes' colour &
& the red bow plays the biggest part.

Not cause I m white :P
I forgot to bring my camera, so the pictures were lousy taken using this!

A temporary phone.
It makes me send blank wasted msges.
& all the Chinese New Year msges turned into
So this means you should only wish me in English :)
I can wish you in Chinese & Canto through the phone though.
We can compete who can say the most chained 4 character

Have you wondered why we know how to say so many 4 character words for CNY only?lol.
& I always think that I'll just need to say 1 will do.
Cause it covers everything.

When I turn old, & I cant talk much, but I'll need to at least reply my grandchildren for wishing me.
I will say:


P.S I just realised I lost a lot of people's numbers!