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Saturday, December 20, 2008 11:58 PM

Weather: Cool, Ard 33 degrees celsius

T:" Sarah!Stop, dont cycle in front!"
S: -stop- "Huh?Why?"
T:"Can you see the green snake in front? its moving!"
S:"Where? Don't bluff me."
T:"Its just in front!Here!See!" - walks further; snakes moves too-
S:"AHHH, TEDDY!OMG, ITS A SNAKEEE~!DON'T GO THERE ALR!" -clinging onto T's hands.
-snakes glides across the road-
T: -sigh- "I didnt take a picture of it. The colour so green & cute la."

My mum probably pities me for sleeping into coma yesterday
So she decided to send me to Changi Jetty.
Kind soul.
Pulau Ubin was fun.
We walked alot, cycled all the way to Chek Jawa.
Nicky, we didnt take cab!
Cycling was tiring yet fun.
& somehow I dont remember what really happened there.
My body was there, but my mind wasnt
Most of the pictures are with Mad.
Prob thats why I cant remember anything too.

By the time we were back in Singapore, it was ard 4 plus.
Just when I thought I can at least stone at home, I have to get ready to go out.
I lied on my bed for a min & I fell asleep.
I was too tired to meet Stef in town.
But I walked from my house to Parkway; intend to get Bf his thumbdrive.
But no stock, so I walked there for fun.
Then I walked to the bus stop to wait for Stef's arrival, which caused disappointment within me & Bf.
Reason: Rojak stall closed,too late.
Our favourite :(

We were multi-tasking or trying to fully utilise our time so we were project-ing,eating and sending Germs off too :)

Long day;tired.
Most of my besties left Singapore :(