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Friday, December 26, 2008 8:24 AM

Weather: Fine, I think.

S:- Talking talking talking-
T:"Em,ya,"-Gibberish words-
S:"Huh!I cant hear you."
T:"Erm,ya!I think so too."
S:"I think you very tired alr, you go & sleep la.Talk to you tmr k."
T:"Ya,bye.nights!love! :)"
-instant knockout-

I am getting old.
I cant stay up late for
I was going to sleeping into coma again.
But to prevent myself from doing so, I set the alarm clock with my hp.
In the end, I just kept snoozing it.
I set to wake up at 7,but I snoozed till 8am.
But if I didnt set it, I predict I will sleep till 11am,which is not the time,for now.
Happy Boxing Day :)
Opened presents :)
Did I say how much I love my brother now?
He is so old school :DDD
I miss my Daddy too.