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Monday, December 22, 2008 5:40 PM

Weather: Cloudy yet Sunny, 32 degrees Celsius.

B:"I ate Silkworms in Beijing & it taste like salted popcorns! Fried Cricket taste like Ikan Bilis.Its very nice."
T:-blink blink- "Okay."

I was suppose to go for Christmas shopping with Nicky & accomplish our Christmas mission yesterday.
But Ben just came back from Beijing & didnt want to bore himself at home,so he popped by to meet us.
Stef, later popped by too.

First was the Hong Kong Cafe at Cineleisure.

It is to satisfy my strong yearning for Hong
The food in the real Hong Kong cafes -thumbs up-
Singapore's ._.

& if you walk around Orchard, there's this Charity Organisation selling Santa Claus hairclip.
We were walking around with it on our head.

& we landed up at Alley's Bar.

Miss Nicky ordered Lychee Martini but want to eat the Lychee only.
I drank both beer & her Martini.

Was very shagged.
But I made it home & even did more projects.

-pats- Good girl,teddy!

Projects are my new addiction.