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Tuesday, December 9, 2008 10:40 PM

This is blog is part of my procrastination plan.
& it worked.
Cause I'll be failing accounting.
Instead of studying hard, we planned to play harder.

Nicky & I are now on a quest to conquer all the Christmas Trees in town.
We conquered only around 40% of the trees today.
While waiting for kitty's grand arrival, we were "shopping" to replenish my closet.

kitty asked: "Who is dim tai feng?"

when we told her & john to meet us there.
So probably topshop would be better since its more prominent.
Yet john goes "I thought it closed down".
Give up.

We ordered 20 dim tai feng's descendants.

Kitty thought we ordered 20 baskets of the xiao long bao.
teddy said: " Ya, now only 2 basket, later we have 18 more."
kitty replied: "Huh?! how to eat, i just had sushi buffet.I m not eating anymore."
teddy&nicky: -nods- :)

Then we continued on our journey in search of more Christmas Trees.
We walked from Takashimaya to Grand Cathay.
Tired,we went to chill at Bens&Jerry.

Kitty decided to sent me off tomorrow.
So shes staying over my house & totally addicted to my guitar hero.
You just cant stop

Rhian typed this:

Now for a confession...
i am completely enveloped in Rhian's beauty and charm.
Rhian is the love of my life.
i completely love her and adore her.
she is my life
my dream
my fantasy
my everything
my entirety
ever fibre in me needs her presence in order to survive this lifetime

without her i am..

without anything real to hold on to...

please don't leave me...


oh gosh.
& kitty irons her hair,& not use a straightener.