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Friday, December 19, 2008 2:10 AM

Weather: "The kind of hot that you can get burnt, without posing for the sun", as quoted from Stef.

J: "What is this?Are you playing the bass? There's no button to press la."
S: "No."
T: "Ya, it was guitar not bass just now.Why is it like that?"
J:"Then what's this? Why so freaking easy,just strum only?!"
S:"Oh ya,cause its beginner."
T: - non-stop laughing-
J:"haha, cause both of us never even touch this level before."

Stef is playing Guitar Hero at my house now.
She failed at the "Easy" level.
Now she has improved after practicing a few more songs.
My brother is amazed.
I am happy to find someone as noob as me in gaming :)

I was too tired to blog yesterday.
In the end, I didnt get to go to Zouk, & landed up at Kitty's house.
I was there as a surprise :)
Cause she will be leaving for Sydney the next day which is today.
She thought her teddy bear
Before that, Stef came to meet me & we went out for dinner at Ashtons' yesterday night.

another busy day.
First, was my dear project meeting. Then, I went to town to meet Germ at Taka Mos.

Stef popped by too.
Strolled to Cineleisure to collect Stef's iTouch, while waiting for her,
Germ & I were happily chatting with Mummy Fong in Canto.
After which, Stef & I rushed down to Changi Airport to send our beloved Love Person, Kitty.
Her mum is freaking cool.

After sending my beloved Love Person, we went to see my dear Nicky!
She was CYA-ing :)
She's making me miss CYA with Charmander :(
I kept whining to Stef about how much I miss him.

I want to sleep.
So many things to do.
So many deadlines to meet.
So many places to go.
So many wants.
But so little time.

I missed alot of stuff this past few days.
I am missing Kitty.
I am missing Hong Kong.


Its 2:08 AM.
I am going to eat Prata with Stef.