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Thursday, December 11, 2008 9:49 PM

Weather: Sunny, Strong cold wind. Around 18 degrees celsius.

“ Actually the technician came in at 9am but your door was doubled locked"
“Oh yea, we were still in the room.”
“You mean you were still in asleep at 9 am?!”
“Er, Yea?!”

Well,I woke up at 8am, but not the others.
So I continued sleeping till like 10am.
The receptionist couldn't believe what my aunt said to her.
Her face was

& this is why we love free & easy, cause we get to do things on our pace.
We were suppose to wake up early to go to Caversham Wildlife Park today.
But my cousins were too tired.
So we decided to go on a city tour around Perth City instead.


London Court >Stirling Garden> The Bell Tower >Barrack Square Jetty> Perth Mint > Kings Park > Forest Place

I like London Court the most, though its just a small lane/street with shops on both sides.
I thought I was going to buy things to attend Hogwarts.

Today is Japanese Cuisine Day.
My aunt insisted that its a must to eat Japanese food , so we tried 2 restaurants:
Mr Samurai & Taka's.
Taka's was better :)
They had this very cool customer pager device.
When your food is ready, the pager will vibrate.
& I am not going to eat Katsudon for the next 6months.

Oh,I bought an adapter too!
So I can use the camera as much as I want now :D
We went grocery shopping again.
At the supermarket, it was filled with Japanese,Koreans,Hong Kongers & Singaporeans.
I thought I was hallucinating when I saw a blue dry fit shirt with “CJC” written at the back of the shirt.
I think I said it out loud.
The guy turned around & looked at me.
Awkward ,I turned to my aunty & spoke to her in Cantonese, & evolved into a Hong Konger.

P.S I think my wish came true :(