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Sunday, December 28, 2008 4:40 PM

Weather: Cooling, abit of clouds.

N: " I'm going to evolve into a butterfly."
Owells, this is what "intensive" studying do to you.
It makes you mould into a butterfly~

First, my dear Nicky needed to get Lecture notes for CSIT.
& we got a lecture from the photocopying man that we should turn vegetarian.

Lesson learnt:
Dont't eat meat( chicken) or any seafood (especially crabs)
Cause these grievance crab spirits will run in your body and make you agitated easily.
Chicken will make you very blur...
Anyway, it's a long story & it's getting ridiculous.
But most importantly, don't drink the soup from the steamboat= toxins.
If want to know more, either visit Katong Shopping Mall,Level 2 or come ask Nicky or Me.

We then made way to the famous Katong Laska & committed a sin.
We freaking ate the sea hum & drank the soup.
However, we made a promise ;if we pass our Accounting, we will not eat MEAT.
( for less than a

Home, we went.
Intensive studying isn't conducive.
Too much temptations around & we were attracted to it.
We think,it must be the sea hum.
We're laughing like mad now, cause this post sounds totally ridiculous.

Well, this is what happens when you try to cram all the 12 lectures & supplementary notes in a short period of time.While thinking of your individual report with a deadline this coming Friday.
& nothing is done yet.

Go die, teddy.

N: "& Nicky."

These are just 1% of the amount of pictures we took.
& I think my room is in a more messier than before.

N: "I help you packed alrrrr."