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Monday, December 15, 2008 10:51 PM

Weather : Sunny, 19 degrees celsius

"Why you pour so much wine for Michael, he will get drunk!"
"Oh,sorry :/ "
- aunt walks away-
"Cheers mate! :) "
"No worries, mate! Want some more?"

I was too tired to blog yesterday.
This trip is so not for rejuvenation.
But, I visited vineyards, chocolate factory & the casino yesterday.

love this the best.

chocolate factory.

Photo-taking is not allowed in Casinos :S

Today, we went to see the Aquarium of Western Australia which is the largest in Australia.
It had so many mammals & sea creatures.
Freaking cute!
Especially the Seal, she actually posed infront of the glass for us for more than 30mins.
She just sat there:
We looked at her, she looked at us :D

Then, we went for some souvenir shopping spree.
There was this shop filled with teddies!
Big ones, pretty ones :D

my world :)

I miss everyone :(