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Saturday, December 13, 2008 9:26 PM

Weather: Blazing Sun,Windy, 22 degrees celsius.

M: "Eh, emu!"
T: "Eh,YA Michael!"
- everyone in the bus turned to look over our side; emu hides at a corner-
M:" OMG, look..."
T: " What what where?!"
- everyone turn once again, more eagerly;nothing-
T: -laughs-

We were sitting on a 4 wheel bus for almost the whole day.
Cause we joined a 1 day tour to the Caversham Wildlife Park,where all the joeys & kangaroos come hopping everywhere.Kolas hanging on the trees :)

Pinnacles, where all the limstones started growing

& the Dune ,which was more of the limelight than the Pinnacles , was the best!
Cause I conquered this!

After climbing up that sandy sand mountain ( its freaking challenging), you will slide down using the surfboard.
Fast& Furious!lol
The bad side of this is that sand can be found in almost every part of your body.
Till now, i still feel
Another exciting event was the 4 wheel drive among those high mountains, like some roller coaster ride.
I have no idea how to describe the feeling.
It might not look scary cause all you see is sand.
But its actually about 7 storeys high.
Then he will drive down the slope.

The whole journey took up the whole day.
It took us more than 3 hrs to go to Pinnacles.
On the bus, it felt like i was going to KL.
Deadbeat, I kept napping on the bus.

It was close to 9pm when we were back at Perth City.
So we dropped off in front of a theme restaurant called
"Fast Eddys" which opens for 24hrs.
The deco is set during the olden Aussie times; cowboy era?

The pancake were the best.
I didnt really had the appetite to eat cause I m having a stomache till now.

After this tour, I want to go to Africa to see more wildlife running freely in the
& I m experiencing sunburn.
Much tanner/darker
I was like in Sahara Desert, smaller version :)