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Wednesday, December 10, 2008 10:37 PM

Weather: Light rain,windy. Around 19 degrees celsius.

“ May all ground crew staff leave the aircraft now! Or else you will be flying to Perth with us.”

With this sarcastic remark from the PA, it marks the attitude of the service I got when flying on Qantas.
Probable cause I was sitting alone, they didn't bothered about me.

I hate the smell of the plane when you first enter the entrance.
I never liked airline food.
I used to puke till the age of 15.
No matter how long the journey is, I will just sleep.

When I was young, I used to cling onto my mum's arms till the very end.
I never ate,drink,or dared to go to the toilet.
Cause I would puke. lol
Now, I do eat,but very little.
I won't puke anymore, but I still wouldn't dare to run about the plane so much.

This time I ate a bit, drank a little.
The TV programmes were boring, “Family Guy” was the only comedy that I watched.
I was stoning, thinking of aladdin&friends.
I slept & dreamt of modern penpal.

The landing this time was rather bad.
But not as bad as the one I experienced- I could fly even with my seat belts on.
Immigration took freaking long.When we finally got onto a cab to our service apartment, it was already close to 5pm.
Perth is 1hr ahead of Singapore time.
So we quickly rushed down to town to get some grocery at the supermarket & had our dinner :)
Most of the shops here closes around 6pm.
At around 7pm, we were taking a stroll back to our apartment, the streets were really quiet & human-less.

I love the weather here.
I love the vintage cars and the old low-rise buildings.

Living in a slow-paced environment might suit me?

I am rather disappointed now cause my mum took my camera charger's adapter.
My camera's battery is going flat soon.
I wont be able to take any photos for the rest of the week.