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Thursday, December 25, 2008 11:52 AM

Weather: Raining, everywhere wet.

S: "Rhian is gorgoerous, she's pretty!"
T: "HUH, NOOOO , I think rhian is freaking pretty la.Tsk Stef!"
N:"Ya Ya Ya!"
B:"No ah, she's very pretty!"
S:"Yea, cause different ah, Rhian is high-class, she is just cheap!"

Kitty, I know you want to smile,laugh & roll on the bed continuously.
Just do

After 8 hours of intensive project meeting in TP, I reached home on time?
With thanks to Sarah's parents as well.
I reach home at ard 5 plus.
Then I rushed out of the house to meet Nicky, Stef & Bf :)

We enjoyed eating Fish&Co. at Herren.

Squeezing with a bunch of people & running away from "sprayers".
We didnt want to get dirtied :)

Ben came after that to join us at the Outdoor Cafe.

After that, they stayed over my house.

Brought Baileys down to the garden to drink,sit by the poolside.
Relaxing :)

Today, I will be a project devotee.


P.S. If Nicky didnt hold me down, I would have flew away :)