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Friday, December 12, 2008 11:09 PM

Weather: Sunny, Strong cold wind. Around 17 degrees celsius.

“Konnichiwa watashi wa Kennedy desu, yasusushigitoyotaka.” -laughs,2 guys put their palms together,while bowing to us continuously-
Teddy -smirks- Pfft
Clara asks me: “What is he talking about?!”
Michaels says: “ Oh,C'mon!”
2 guys: “ Oh, they have been here long, sorry mate!”- walks away drunkenly-

We met them after our late lunch;early dinner at Cottesloe Beach, Marine Parade, in a restaurant called “ Blue Duck”, not “ Fat Duck”.
This restaurant was once again highly recommended by my aunty.
It has an amazing view of the coast of the Indian Ocean.

The food was freaking nice.

We ordered 3 entrees to share.

Cajun Seared Salmon Fillet ( Tasmania)

Seafood Meze

Tempure Baby Snapper & Crispy Prawns

& 3 desserts.

White Chocolate Mousse Cake

Coffee & Hazel Nut Stack

Strawberry Tart

It was so sweet that I think I will have a toothache.
Love the Coffee & hazelnut Stack the most.
Its like a big Macaron :)

The beach – speechless-

Before going down to Cottesloe, we were at Fremantle.
First, we went to the Fremantle Market.
The things there were very unique.
& I spotted vintage.
So obviously, I bought some stuff there too :)

After that, we went to the Fremantle Prison which is filled with culture and heritage.
Rather eerie, while we were walking through those gates.
We spent more than half the day at Cottesloe,
So by the time we rushed back to the City, to catch the late night shopping.
& guess what time is the late night shopping till?

I only got to shop in 1 boutique :(
But got what I wanted, so yea, I'm contended!
While my aunty was going to get grocery again.
I, Michael & Clara went to Borders.
Germ is going to be so jealous.
Cause they are having 3 for 2 promotion.
I bought 3 books :) Very worth it!

Then Michael caught this weird Chinese man reading on something that is on every man's mind.
He was standing there, reading it for more than 30 mins.
Curious, so after he left. I went to pick up that book n open the book.
To my horror, its like a sex textbook with explicit graphics, real ones.
I just shut the book immediately.
Extremely gross out.