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Wednesday, December 17, 2008 3:12 AM

Weather: Cloudy, 28 degrees celsius.

"Bye-Bye Perth!"

Last minute shopping wasn't conducive.
Cause i had to be back by 1030am.
But as usual the shops open only at 9am.
So rush rush rush, nothing in the end.

When I arrived, I was welcomed by a red headed girl :)
So left my family at the airport & went to town straight away.

We went for buffet at Sakae Sushi :S
Really bloated with chawamushi.
Cause that was the only thing i felt like eating.
Still holding great dislike towards katsudon.

To digest the food faster, we walked from Parkmall to Cineleisure, to catch
Love the book & the movie.
Kitty likes Belle.
While me & charmander liked Edward more, & he mesmerised me so much that i left my hp on the seat & forgot about it.
Luckily, we went back to search it back.

Caught the bus, home.
To find my room in a total mess.
But I left a corner of my table just for Mr Sunflower :)
I will make it live longer than 2 days?

P.S. I m honoured to be the first person to receive your flower!

"Hello Singapore :)"